DigiTel is the New digital

DigiTel Integrated Solution is a DigiTel initiative of DigiTel Group Of Companies. As a Solution provider & technology partner, we vow to provide the most Affordable, Reliable and Secure platform. We are representative of Global IT partners in the region & together we help our customers in business growth & transformation. We remain committed to providing IT Solutions primarily focusing on Technology Transformation, Solution Upgrades, Mobility, Consolidation, Convergence and Automation. Primarily this is done by bringing our Manual customers to an Automated State & transforming them from a physical to a virtual state.

Your Partner in Business growth

DigiTel team provides Pre & Post Sales Consultancy to Enterprise Customers. We Provide infrastructure & Technology Equipment to large-scale & mid Tier customers to help them run their IT workloads. Once on board, we inculcate our install base to adapt Automation, Software & Application Development. Part of our Automation Line of Business (LOB) is our Social Media Marketing function that provides a Boost & Recognition to our deployments & a parallel identity in the market. To make this possible we have our Services & Deployment LOB that is not only capable of Deployments but equally capable to handle O&M, SLAs & Help Desk/Managed Services.

Data centre Solutions

DigiTel Integrated Solutions provides design and implementation services for data centre solutions. The data centre design process includes assessing the customer’s existing infrastructure, developing a custom architecture, and creating a detailed implementation plan. The team also provides systems integration, virtualization, and network security solutions. Additionally, they offer technical support to ensure optimal performance.

Social Media Marketing

DigiTel Integrated Solutions offers comprehensive social media marketing services. These services include campaign planning and management, content creation, community engagement, paid advertising, and analytics. They also provide consultation services to advise clients on the best practices for using social media as a marketing tool. Furthermore, they provide training to help clients maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Graphic Design
Video Editing & Animations
DISL provides Animation services.

Their animation services include character design, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and more.


KIU Gilgit Data Center Solution

The winning combination of Datacenter deployed by DigiTel Integrated Solutions and ATTOM Technologies has reached corners and every boundary of Pakistan. Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit has opted for Modular Datacenter in its main campus in Gilgit deployed by DigiTel Powered by ATTOM Technologies, and thus became a pioneer in the Gilgit Baltistan region for the deployment of state of the art datacenter solution in the Region. The data center will provide non-disruptive and agile IT operations to the institute while benefiting the community.